Employer Information and Registration

Employers who want to register can sign in to their VLCF Symplicity Account HERE.

Format: The VLCF will have a designated time period for scheduled interviews in the afternoon following the networking career fair.

  • Interviews with 6 (4 preselect + 2 lottery) candidates is from 2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Keynote address, panel, concurrent sessions, and Career Fair are from 8:30 am –2:00 pm

Who can participate as an employer? The VLCF is open to any law firm, corporate in-house legal department, governmental agency or other private legal employer that shares a commitment to hiring lawyers who are veterans, active-duty service members or military spouses.

  • If you have open positions and/or active searches, we encourage you to provide specific details, including required experience, in your registration materials. You can identify hiring criteria, screen candidate resumes in advance and pre-select candidates to interview at the career fair.
  • You do not need to have an opening right now to attend. We encourage all employers to participate, whether or not you are currently hiring, and focus on the opportunity to help veterans with career advice and mentoring. The VLCF is a forum to meet uniquely talented attorneys and develop relationships which may ultimately lead to employment in the future.

What is the employer cost to participate? The cost to participate in the career fair is $775 (interviews included).

  • There is no cost for public agency and non-profit organizations.

Details: Registration and administration of the VLCF is handled through an internet-based system called Symplicity—the same software used by most law schools to manage their interview programs. You will create a profile with information about your organization, and if applicable, can outline specific open positions, hiring criteria and required application materials. You’ll have a chance to review materials from applicants, select candidates to interview at the VLCF and receive a schedule in advance.